Hear From Our Former Clients

Current and former clients can provide you with the most reliable information about an attorney you’re considering to represent you. Here’s what our clients have to say about us:

Great Attorneys that Got Results

 This firm represented me in an assortment of issues ranging from a wrongly filed domestic violence protective order, to a messy divorce with custody and property issues. At every turn I got the results I wanted. I worked with several attorneys in the firm and there was always someone available to talk with me if I had questions. I felt comfortable that multiple attorneys in the firm new who I was and crucial details about my case. Great attorneys would recommend to anyone needing help with family or criminal issues.

- J.B., Divorce Client.

I Am Forever Grateful


The past three years were rough being in a bitter custody battle. Yet hiring Sydney Batch to represent me legally was by far the best choice I could have made. Not only is she experienced and professional but also very supportive. She always answered my questions and took her time. Phone calls were always answered promptly. I always felt secure knowing that Sydney Batch was representing me. She was available anytime I needed her and provided such solace and comfort during a very difficult time. Sydney Batch truly wants what is best for the individuals in the case, she has a very caring heart which makes her such an amazing attorney. Even now with my case won and settled I know she would be there if I needed her. In my personal experience with her she is a very loyal attorney who knows what is best for her client. I am forever grateful for her.

- Kristen, Child Custody Client

Every Expectation was Met or Exceeded


Projecting a professional image is easier than producing professional results. I got both and more with Sydney Batch and her associates at Batch, Poore, & Williams, PC. I retained the services of Sydney Batch to provide representation in my daughter’s very complex and contentious divorce and custody battle. Every expectation was met or exceeded and the outcome was as good as possible under the trying circumstances. Sydney and her staff were patient, understanding, encouraging and thorough from start to finish. The knowledge and judgment they displayed was impeccable and I could not recommend them more highly.

- Wade – Child Custody/CPS client

Cannot Entrust Your Family to Anymore More Dedicated, Knowledgeable and Trustworthy


When allegations were made to DSS regarding my husband and I, we were given Sydney and Shannon’s names by a social worker who recommended we call them right away. I was under the impression that if you have not done anything wrong, why do you need an attorney… there has not been a day that has passed in the now 2 year battle for my children where I didn’t thank God that we DID call not only an attorney but these wonderful women in particular. Sydney and Shannon have guided us through this process with superb legal advice as well as genuine compassion and concern for our family. The level of attention they have given us surpassed even what I expected throughout our countless interactions with DSS and the devotion they have shown toward reunifying our family extends far past “legal representation”. When DSS becomes involved in your family it can not only take away your children, it can tear apart your marriage, your career, and even friendships… Sydney and Shannon were always there to listen and encourage us in any situation and on many days had to be my personal voice of reason. You absolutely could not entrust your family to anyone more dedicated, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.

- Shawna, CPS Client

Would Highly Recommend


Been a Batch, Poore and Williams client for the past two years. This is an honest firm that won’t nickel and dime you, that fights hard for their clients. Would highly recommend their services to anyone undergoing a custody dispute or divorce.

- P.C., Family Law Client

Top-Tier Legal Service


I have used Batch, Poore, & Williams, PC numerous times for both business and personal advice and contractual agreements. Each experience with the firm has been a professional yet personal exchange of knowledge and, from my experience, top-tier legal service.

- Chad, Civil Litigation Client

One of the Best in the Triangle and Bilingual Staff


I would place The Batch & Williams Law office in Raleigh as one of the most professional, trustworthy and hard-working groups in the Triangle. As a busy professional I needed to hire an attorney with consummate knowledge of the law, and someone I could trust. They guided me through my legal issues and kept me informed of all my options. Not only were they helpful and kind, but they gave my specific case the time and care other it needed to be successful, and thanks to Patrick Williams and his gifted and hard-working team, I won my case! Also, their staff is bilingual which was helpful in my situation. I cannot recommend them highly enough and I could not be happier with my decision to work with them.

- T.L., Domestic Violence Client.

Highly Recommended


Mr. Williams was very thorough in explaining the procedure I should follow in a dispute I had with a nationally recognized company. Because of his expertise and the concern he exhibited for my legal rights to fair treatment as a client of a major corporate enterprise, I was able to resolve my dispute. I highly recommend Mr. Williams.

- J.G., Civil Litigation Client

Thank You


After years of not having a driver’s license, I contacted Mr. Williams to assist and boy did he ever. I’ve gotten my driving privileges for the first time in 15 years thanks to this firm. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking an attorney.

- T.A., Criminal/Traffic Client